FitHair™ Approved

FitHair™ Approved

The FitHair™ Way is a wellness and health movement, created by the FitHair™ founder and expert, Alexandria Willams. After reviewing and trying countless products, Alexandria created the official FitHair™ Seal Of Approval to assign products and brands that she uses in real life and recommends. These products exemplify the essence of the FitHair™ foundations – honesty, wellness, and sustainability within the beauty, health, and fitness industries.

How to Find FitHair Approved Products

The search tool on the website is a great way to explore various products that have been reviewed. Clicking on the FitHair™ Approved tag (or category) will also result in a variety of products that are approved or check out some of the reviews I have done a variety of products.


Want to Have Your Product FitHair Approved?

Do you have or know of a product worthy have the FitHair™ Seal Of Approval? Email me with your picks! Are you a brand or designer with a product you just know our founder Alex would love? Contact The FitHair™ staff to be considered for a review opportunity.