Uhoh. Apples Make Me Sick

by alexandriawill

Remember when the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Unfortunately for me, an apple an day will keep me at the doctors ALL DAY. YUCK!

Yes, a common staple in my diet were those delicious apples full of flavor, color and a variety of sizes. We now have had a hard break up. *Tears!! How do I know this? A few months ago, I completed a 28-day program through Awakened Nutrition called Beat Belly Bloat Program. During the program, I learned how my body reacted towards a lot of foods more specifically towards apples. Before the program, I knew non-organic apples tend to upset my stomach but through and after the Beat Belly Bloat program my body revealed the full truth of my relationships with apples.

UHOH! Apples Make Me Sick

Apples make me sick _beat belly program alexandriawill

While I can have fresh organic apple juice within a smoothie I can no longer eat a full raw organic apple.  If I do eat one of those bad boys, I will pay for it dearly. Check out how I learned about my body, what it likes and my favorite alternatives to apples.

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