3 Tips to Picking Running Shoes

by alexandriawill

There are thousands of different types of shoes. Picking up a pair of shoe that may fit you takes a little bit more thought than just picking up any old shoe off the rack.

Body shape, posture, foot style and exercise all are major factors in picking out the best shoe for your needs. Without the proper shoe, you could cause many issues such as back pains, knee problems and even be a result of an injury.

Knowing what to look for in shoe will help your feet stay happy from heel to toe. Here are three tips to help you pick the right shoe.

3 Tips to Picking Running Shoes

  1.  How do you sweat? A person training for a marathon verses a person training for a 5k often wear two different shoes. A running shoe is made for running specifically. Pick a shoe based on how you exercise the most and stick with it.
  2. Get a Foot or Gait Analysis. | It is important to know how you run, walk, and shape of your foot. There are many different options of shoes based on your foot needs. Head to a professional speciality store such as Luke’s Locker, Fleet Feet or try this online test with Brooks to find your foot signature.
  3. Know the different in your fitness and regular shoe sizes. After running on for several hours, my feet expand quiet a bit. Nothing is worse than running in shoes that are two small. Avoid this by knowing your fitness shoe size, which is often 1-2x bigger than your regular shoe size.


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