Benefits of Pineapples for FitHair & Body

by alexandriawill

Pineapples are one of my favorite fruits to have after a workout and as a great snack when I am feeling sluggish. Pineapples contain a variety vitamins and minerals, which make them a great fruit source for your hair and body. The top two nutrients in pineapples are Vitamin C and B6 and even Folate.

Benefits of Pineapples for FitHair & Body

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is critical to keeping the immune system strong. If you have a cold, eating some pineapple each day may help to shorten the duration and alleviate your symptoms.Vitamin C content in this fruit helps to fight against hair loss. Simply eat some pineapple each day to strengthen your hair follicles from the inside out.
  • B6: B6 is one of the most essential vitamins hair and skin. It helps the body produce antibodies, break down proteins in order to supplement them to your body systems.
  • Folic acid: B9 known as Folic acid is also another essential B vitamin. It’s a key focus essentially for women who are pregnant as it’s been said to help protect the fetus from certain defects


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Pineapples Helping Joints & Inflammation

Pineapples have been used medically for decades in assisting the body with inflammation. Enzymes are fascinating and essential biological catalysts that are involved in almost every single process in our bodies. Systemic enzymes work holistically—meaning they work throughout the entire body—supporting overall joint health. Bromelain is the pineapple enzyme in Wobenzym N and one of the main ingredients in the product. This product is used by athletes in order to help recovery and maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility.


Pineapples and Hair Growth1EDIT


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Pineapples and Hair Growth6

Pineapple Green Juice 

Pineapple Watermelon Salad

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