Big Chop & Hair Cut Tips

by alexandriawill

Surprise. I did my second big chop a few days ago. This honestly started off as a hair cut but somehow changed into a big chop. #YOLO

I have been wanting to do something different with my hair for awhile because I was becoming VERY very lazy when it came to styling it and was frankly bored. As I am training for the New York Marathon, I realized I was spending more time and money on my hair. It was hard to see how much time I was spending wash and style my hair up to twice a week. This time and money could be used on other important things.

Anytime I read the instruction on a product, it always says one pump or a dime size. For me and this mane, this meant at least 3-5x the amount of my hair. Do yal see all this hair?!! Let’s not discuss what it took to keep it moisturized with the Texas Summer. I can assure you the next 4 months with being EXTRA KRISPY SATAN HOT.

Truthfully, my hair was becoming a barrier and I just wanted to start over and try something new. Deep down, I have been through a lot (wheww.. child.. if yal only knew) and I felt my hair was yelling for a major change for the new era for where I am going this year.

I was a bit afraid, however, that’s a part of the process. I didn’t have much to fear because I know how to grow healthy hair from the inside out so this is a great time to practice and show you guys what I preach. I really am enjoying it and already love the styling (or lack thereof) my hair. For the first time in 6 years, I was able to use the suggested amount of product for my hair. #Winning

For the first time in 6 years, I was able to use the suggested amount of product for my hair.  Tweet: For the first time in 6 years, I was able to use the suggested amount of product for my hair. - @alexandriawill #fithair

Anywho.. If you are thinking of making a change like I did, for whatever your reasons, here are three easy tips to consider before you cut your hair.


Before You Cut Do These Three Things


  1. Become Inspired: I searched a lot on pinterest, instagram and youtube videos with a variety of styles and textures. It was important to find women who had a similar texture to mine and or colors that would compliment my own. I used these as the base. I don’t copy but find inspiration.
  2. Know Your Facial Features: There are a lot of styles but frankly, a lot of them do not compliment my face. A hair cut on a person with a round face may look totally different on a person with a heart shape face. Skin tone, eye color, and cheek bones also play a part in how a style will look on you. Know what your best features are and find one that compliments the best of you.
  3. Consult with a professional: My stylist, Ashley has been amazing and part of the reason why my hair is staying healthy. When I made this decision we discussed our options and my inspiration. Since I am in Ashley’s hair every 6-8ish weeks, we didn’t have to do much on the consulting part. She walked me through everything and let me play some Beyonce while she was cutting it. This is the most important part as cutting hair is partially creating a masterpiece.

Let me know what you guys think!

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