Crochet Braids With Jamaican Bounce

by alexandriawill

I have gotten so many compliments on my hair that I had to show you guys my new look and style. This is Crochet Braids with Jamaican Bounce Hair. I used 4 packs and installation time less than 2 hours including styling (cutting and shaping) I always buy more hair just in case I need to add or install as the weeks go on.

Pros of Jamaican Bounce

  • Don’t have to dip in hot water
  • Looks very natural
  • Light texture and easy on the hair
  • Great for working out
  • Color hair is very vibrant and looks real

Cons of Jamaican Bounce

  • Frizzy after a week or two
  • Have to maintain it weekly
  • Cannot sleep without some form of silk, satin or night time scarf
  • Cost (9.99 retail is a bit expensive than the $4.99 a pack)
  • Will last roughly 4 weeks if you maintain it

Make sure to check out my night time regimen on how I take care of the hair

crochet braids with jamacian bounce hair grid alexandriawill

Crochet Braids With Jamaican Bounce Hair Purchased

Dallas: Jenny’s Beauty Supply Store 9.99 a pack (retail price)
Online: 6.99 a pack

Sensational Jamaican Bounce 4 packs used
Colors 1b & 27 or 30
Hair Fiber: 100% Kanekalon

I always buy more hair just in case I need to add or install as the weeks go on.


Charlene 09/15 -

So…I love this! Seriously I’ve been contemplating doing crochet braids so now I’m like OK…time to just do it. Lol. Time to make that trip to Jenny’s! Great job Alex!

alexandriawill 09/15 -

LOL It’s awesome. If you don’t want to do it I can send you to my stylist. I go to her when I am to lazy or pressed for time. She is fast and super amazing. :-) Let me know when you do too! I can’t wait to see you rock them!

Night Time Regimen For Crochet Braids | 11/15 -

[…] Want to see what kind of crochet braids I have in my hair? Take a look at the Jamaican Bounce Crochet Braids tutorial. […]

Lil 03/16 -

I was very disappointed with this hair. It looked very pretty on the first 3 days and ten after it turned extremely frizzy. I had it for 5 days and had to take it out.

alexandriawill 03/16 -

After a little bit I must say I agree with you. It lasted longer than 5 days but not like I wanted it to last. :-( I don’t recommend it for a long term usage especially with more options on the market. Curlakon is by fav my favorite.

Miss Q 05/16 -

Hola, Alexandria! This video is very helpful! I was disappointed with the frizziness of the hair after 10 days; however, you have given me more options:) I cut the frizzy locs, moved my part to cover the blond; added some moisturizer and we are back!!! Greatly, appreciated, Sis. Curious about Curlakon too…

alexandriawill 05/16 -

That’s so great to hear!! I have heard much better things from Curlakon so definitely would say they are a winner for less frizz and more long term. :-)


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