Meal Prep Tips for Vegetarians

by alexandriawill

We are half way through the 30-day vegetarian challenge. A few of you requested to see a few details of meal prepping for a vegetarian. This meal prep is both affordable and health meal prep.

Meal Prep Tips for Vegetarians

Meal Prep Ideas Vegetarian

I wanted to share my vegetarian meal prep for this week. In less than 90 minutes and $50 dollars, I was able to make all my meals for the week. Here is the list of items I prepared for the week.

  • Breakfast: Green-Smoothie or Overnight Oats
  • Snacks: Mixed Fruit, Tomato and Cucumber Salad, boiled eggs etc
  • Lunch: Bbq meatballs with green beans and rice mix (quinoa and black rice with seasoning, Stir-fry with rice mix
  • Dinner: Variety of Salads

Meal Prep Additional Tips


30 day vegetarian challenge meal prep for vegetarians


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