My Failure With Hair Vitamins

by alexandriawill

Hair vitamins are extremely popular but like with anything not every supplement is right for you. Unfortunately, I had a major set back with taking hair vitamins. In this quick video I discuss the failure I had when taking the GNC Be-Beautiful Hair Skin Nails chews and a few extra tips to look out for.

My Failure With Hair Vitamins 

If you are taking various supplements, make sure to note any symptoms or talk to your doctor about it.  Have you experienced a failure with hair vitamins? Did you break out? Have headache? Let me know.

Please note: I am only discussing my views and personal experience when taking the vitamins. This is no way in reflection of GNC or it’s products. There are tons of great natural items and products at GNC. Additionally, these vitamins may work for some other folks but just not for me.


TP 09/15 -

Have you tried Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies? They don’t contain any milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish, or artificial flavor. I have had success with these, but I only take one each day. After a horrible experience with Hairfinity (cystic acne) and finally getting my skin under control, I decided that starting slow would probably be best. I have been using Nature’s Bounty for three months now.

alexandriawill 09/15 -

That’s a great idea. Yeah unfortunately most hair vitamins result in acne issues for most folks. (mostly because they lack having water and take to many at the incorrect times.) I have seen Nature’s Bounty gummies but decided to go with a reputable source. I am using country life maxi-hair and haven’t had any bad reactions. The brand is really good and they are much cheaper than hair infinity with similar ingredients.


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