Workout Shorts for Thick Thighs and Big Butts

by alexandriawill

Struggling with finding the right shorts for working out? Do your tights and shorts move when you are running? Can’t find the right shorts that are long and cover your thick thighs or large butt?


In this series, I break down how to pick the best running shorts especially for women who have thick thighs are a big butt.


Part 1: Tips for Picking Out Running Shorts

Before you run out to the store, let’s chat a bit about what to look for when picking out the right shorts. The top 3 things to look for when picking out shorts are length, pockets, and material. There are not a lot of options for running shorts but I am helping you know what to look for before heading into the store. This will save you time and a headache! Trust me!!

Workout Shorts for Thick Thighs and Big Butts

Part 2: Top 5 Running Shorts For Fall 2018

Want to see what running shorts I have picked out and tested for months. Here is a list of my top 5 running shorts that are all affordable and in a variety of sizes.

Links for Shorts

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